Channel Surfing

0:00-6:00: Your basic opening randomness, including Matt talking about A Knight’s Tale. 

6:00-24:30: Paul Lee leaving ABC; ABC renewing SHIELD, Scandal, Once, Upon a Time, Quantico and more and thoughts on The Muppets’ season. 

24:30-26:30: Superstore and Bones both renewed – the latter for its final season. 

26:30-32:20: Game of Thrones’ Finn Jones cast as Iron Fist. 

32:20-35:00: TV reboot/sequel/remake update, including Katrina Law joining Training Day, a potential Departed TV series, The Mist pilot ordered and Sarah Michelle Gellar returning to Cruel Intentions 

35:00-38:00: Sarah Shahi cast as Nancy Drew, while Person of Interest remains in limbo 

38:00-45:15: Bryan Fuller makes more additions to both American Gods and Star Trek.

46:00-51:00: Fuller House renewed – and a tangent on the current state of late night talk shows. 

51:00-52:00: Vanessa Hudgens, Alan Tudyk, Danni Pudi, Christina Kirk join NBC’s DC Comics comedy, Powerless 

52:00-57:00: More on the use of the F word on basic cable TV, as FX pushes boundaries while Walking Dead may dial back on a comic book character.

57:00- 59:30: A reader email about TV season passes and if it can help a show. 

59:30-1:22:00: A big, spoiler-packed conversation about The 100’s latest episode, “Thirteen.”


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