Channel Surfing

1:45-4:40: It’s Always Sunny renewed for Season 13 and 14


4:40-12:30: Jessica Henwick cast as Colleen Wing in Iron Fist


12:30-16:00: Peter Serafinowicz cast as The Tick


16:00-24:00: CBS Renews 11 series; announces Person of Interest’s end


24:00-25:30: Luther creator adapting Talented Mr. Ripley


25:30-31:00: Reader email on guest star and prestige credits


31:00-36:00: Reader email on Baskets


36:00-44:00 Thought son Black Sails (non-spoilers)


44:00-55:45 Thoughts on Black Sails: Season 3 (with spoilers)


55:45-1:11:05: Thoughts on Daredevil: Season 2 (with spoilers)

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