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Marvel's Jessica Jones comes to TV, Stargate Universe is cancelled and another season of Dexter wraps up.
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The end of Walking Dead's first season, the end of Terriers altogether and more.
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The Vampire Diaries' Candice Accola sits in on the podcast to talk about life as a bloodsucker. Plus news on Fringe, V, The Walking Dead and more.
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Del Toro's Hulk series, NBC's Thursday night comedy expansion, Supernatural chat and more.
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Caprica dead as a new BSG prequel rises, Walking Dead chat and more.
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A new Hulk TV series, Lost writers' fairy tale, Nikita gets tweaked and more.
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Dexter's return, a new Wonder Woman TV series, some big Smallville guest stars and more.
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Our thoughts on Boardwalk Empire, The Event, Hawaii Five-0 and Undercovers. Plus we chat about the True Blood finale and more.
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The Dark Tower's epic adaptation, Abrams teams with a Nolan brother and more.
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The Sandman on TV? Plus news about J.J. Abrams and Ron Moore and our thoughts on Terriers and Nikita.
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Walking Dead's debut date is set, Chuck gets some cool new guest stars and more.
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It's our epic Comic-Con/TCA wrap up! William Shatner, Yvonne Strahovski, Spartacus, Torchwood, Boardwalk Empire and a lot more...
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Comic-Con is upon us, and with it... madness!
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Buffy. Modern Family. True Blood. Miso Soup. Shakmaaaaaa! Goldman, Fowler and Fickett celebrate an IGN podcast milestone!
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Carell confirms Office departure, Marvel launches a TV division, a Smallville cast member returns and more.
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Lots and lots of Breaking Bad chat.
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True Blood's return, Torchwood's return, Supernatural turns anime and more.
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With Lost over, we discuss the ending and whether it satisfied.
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The death of Heroes, the renewal of Chuck and Lost's much-criticized "Across the Sea."
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NBC picks up J.J. Abrams' Undercovers (among other series), the current status of Chuck and Human Target, Lost chat and more.
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Steve Carell potentially leaving The Office, Legend of the Seeker's cancellation, Nimoy's Fringe future and more.
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South Park gets censored, Wolverine gets cancelled, Lost chat, the Damages finale and more.
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Spectacular Spider-Man cancelled, Smackdown moving, Breaking Bad, Lost and more.
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Conan's new deal, Seth Green's Star Wars series, Chuck, Lost and more.
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The end of 24, Boba Fett's return to TV, The Walking Dead, V and much more.
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IGN's Fowler and Iverson talk to the one and only TNA World Heavyweight Champion, AJ Styles, about working with Ric Flair, facing RVD and Jeff Hardy, and playing Xbox.
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Star Wars' TV future, a second BSG spinoff, SGU and a Lost chat.
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Goldman and Fowler talk about Summer Glau and Alan Tudyk in new pilots, their thoughts on The Pacific and Justified and more.
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Renewals for Fringe and Smallville, Olivia Munn in an NBC pilot, Game of Thrones, Sarah Palin as TV producer (huh?) and more.
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IGN's Fowler and Iverson talk to TNA's giant monster, Abyss, about tonight's Monday Impact, "Abyssamania" and teaming with Hulk Hogan.
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Supernatural's renewal, Spielberg's TV future, Lost: "The Substitute" and more.
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The Heroes finale, Lost's new season, FlashForward in trouble and hot, hot salsa!
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Heroes' James Kyson Lee sits in with Eric and Matt and hints at the season finale and the show's potential future; Plus, our take on the Dollhouse and Conan finales.
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Robot Chicken renewed, thoughts on Chuck and Human Target, the debut of Caprica and a lot more.
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