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IGN's Fowler and Iverson talk to the one and only TNA World Heavyweight Champion, AJ Styles, about working with Ric Flair, facing RVD and Jeff Hardy, and playing Xbox.
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Star Wars' TV future, a second BSG spinoff, SGU and a Lost chat.
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Goldman and Fowler talk about Summer Glau and Alan Tudyk in new pilots, their thoughts on The Pacific and Justified and more.
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Renewals for Fringe and Smallville, Olivia Munn in an NBC pilot, Game of Thrones, Sarah Palin as TV producer (huh?) and more.
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IGN's Fowler and Iverson talk to TNA's giant monster, Abyss, about tonight's Monday Impact, "Abyssamania" and teaming with Hulk Hogan.
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