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In our final episode of 2011, we discuss the season finales of American Horror Story, Dexter and Homeland.
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Eric and Matt discuss Howard Stern joining America's Got Talent, whether "shippers" ruin shows and the shocking Boardwalk Empire season finale.
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Spartacus' Katrina Law is our special guest this week, as she talks to Eric and Matt about the new season, Spartacus: Vengeance!
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Our current thoughts on Homeland, The Walking Dead and Dexter.
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We talk about Dexter and South Park's big renewals, Community getting benched midseason, Once Upon a Time and more.
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Oscar's big host shakeup, Hannibal on NBC, Howard Stern possibly coming to America's Got Talent and more.
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Charlie Sheen's new sitcom, Summer Glau teams with a dog, Hell on Wheels thoughts and more.
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Punisher's TV series, Dark Tower on HBO, our thoughts on American Horror Story and more.
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Clone Wars resurrects Darth Maul, Charlie's Angels cancelled, Power Rangers chat and more.
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Breaking Bad: Season 4 just ended. Let's talk about it, shall we?
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The return of Arrested Development (we hope!), The Simpsons turbulent week, The Playboy Club leading off fall's first cancellations and more.
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Devon Sawa guests to talk about his return to Nikita. Plus good news for New Girl, new projects from Abrams, Kripke and Williamson and more.
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Eric and Matt discuss Hannibal Lecter and The Spectre TV series news, plus a ton of new series, including Person of Interest, New Girl and more.
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The WWE Network is coming, but what will be on it? Plus our thoughts on Ringer and more, as fall TV begins...
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Heroes veteran Brea Grant sits in on Channel Surfing to talk to Eric and Matt about her new role on the upcoming season of Dexter.
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Breaking In resurrected, The Rock turns TV producer, Breaking Bad's end announced and much more.
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At AMC, a big change up in showrunners for The Walking Dead, while Breaking Bad negotiations get tense.
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Comic-Con 2011 is over. Eric and Matt look back at Game of Thrones love, crazy parties, long lines, rap shows and more.
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Game of Thrones casting, Falling Skies renewed, Charlie Sheen depressing us and more.
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Survivor's Parvati Shallow tells us about her trip Around the World for Free.
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Moon Bloodgood sits in on Channel Surfing to talk about her new TNT sci-fi series, Falling Skies.
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Our thoughts on Falling Skies' premiere and The Killing and Game of Thrones finales.
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The latest big twists on The Killing and Game of Thrones, South Park's somber midseason finale and more.
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We finally give our thoughts on the season finales to The Office, Supernatural and Chuck.
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We talk about all of the new shows coming to the networks, including Charlie's Angels, Person of Interest, Alcatraz, Awake and Ringer.
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Chuck lives, Human Target dies, Alcatraz ordered and Fringe's finale discussed in a busy podcast.
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What did we think of Michael Scott's final episode of The Office?
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Jim Carrey guesting on The Office, Aqua Teen's new title, WWE's draft and more.
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We discuss Game of Thrones and the show's quick renewal. Plus, news on House, The Dark Tower and more.
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Mad Men's new deal, Wonder Woman's new costume, Playboy's potential nudity and more.
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Fringe and Futurama renewed, Perfect Couples pulled, Wonder Woman photo reaction and more.
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Community/Parks and Rec renewed, Sandman TV series update, TNA troubles and more.
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More Charlie Sheen drama, preparing for Carell's Office departure, No Ordinary Family in trouble and more.
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Charlie Sheen's winning behavior, Fringe's current quality and a lot more pilot casting.
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Wonder Woman is cast, Beavis & Butt-head's new targets, The Rock's WWE return and more.
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Rosenbaum returns to Smallville, CBS teams with Abrams and a Nolan brother and more.
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Laura Vandervoort sits in to talk about V, Smallville and more.
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The awesome Alison Brie stops by to talk Community, Mad Men and Scream 4. Plus, news on Wonder Woman, Mortal Kombat and more.
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Liam Neeson gets Cloned, a new Spartacus is found, Ricky Gervais guests on The Office and more.
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