Channel Surfing (general)

In the final (!) episode of Channel Surfing, we talk Comic-Con, GLOW, Game of Thrones and why it's the final episode of Channel Surfing. 

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Matt and Eric on The Leftovers' powerful conclusion, plus news and their experiences at this year's ATX TV Festival, which included a Battlestar Galactica reunion panel. 

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We discuss Netflix canceling The Get Down and Sense8 and what it means for the streaming giant, news on Game of Thrones and Tales from the Crypt, and our reaction to the first four episodes of Twin Peaks' revival. 

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We discuss recent cancellations, renewals and one miraculous un-cancellation, plus some of the new series ordered recently, including a Deadpool animated series. 

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We discuss where Iron Fist went wrong, several renewals, SNL's expansion and more. 


4:20-8:00: Saturday Night Live going live across the country and getting a summer spinoff.

-8:00-9:10: Into the Badlands has cool fights!

-9:15-12:20 Crashing, The Good Fight and Legion renewed - and some brief chatter about Legion promos spoiling their villain revealed.

-12:20-16:25: 12 Monkeys and The Expanse renewed and some more talk about Syfy's status

-16:25-18:55: The 100 renewed and a tangent into how long shows should last

-18:55-22:15: More info on FOX's X-Men pilot Gifted (which may not be called Gifted)

-22:15-23:50: CBS's Young Sheldon Big Bang Theory prequel

-23:50-26:05: Game of Thrones' final season confirmed to be six episodes (and pondering when Walking Dead will end)

-26:05-49:00 Iron Fist thoughts (no spoilers)

-49:00-1:13:14Iron Fist thoughts (with spoilers)

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-2:30-8:00: Cloak and Dagger and Runaways casting announced

-8:00-10:15: Black Lightning now a CW pilot

-10:15-20:30: How Gotham is these days (Spoiler warning for Gotham so far this season)

-20:30-25:45: Bryan Singer directing Matt Nix's X-Men TV series

-20:45-27:20: The Good Place renewed for Season 2

-27:20-29:45: Darren Criss to play The Music Meister on The Flash/Supergirl musical crossover

-29:45-31:40: Sharknado 5 announcement and how Syfy has a branding issue

31:40-36:00: Thoughts on Powerless

36:00-41:30: Thoughts on Legion

41:00-46:24: Reader email on shows taking long breaks between seasons

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We look back at our favorite shows of 2016, the ones that ended that we'll miss the most and what we're looking forward to on TV in 2017. 

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We discuss Westworld's entire first season, Strike Back returning, Star Trek Discovery casting, The Inhumans coming to TV, Luke Cage's renewal and more. 

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That's So Raven is coming back, The Rock is producing a show based on his wrestling career and we discuss the first two episodes of The Walking Dead: Season 7. 

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Thoughts on Westworld, Superman's Supergirl debut, Luke Cage (and how Netflix/Marvel series are structured) and more. 

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Eric and Matt look back at a Comic-Con jam-packed with superhero TV shows, WWE wrestlers and much, much more. 

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After tackling some recent renewals, we delve into spoiler chats about the recently-completed seasons of Penny Dreadful, Person of Interest and Game of Thrones. 

To skip past spoilers you don't want to know, use the time code below! 


00:00-16:00: Preacher, 12 Monkeys and Curb Your Enthusiasm renewals

16:30-29:15: Penny Dreadful spoiler discussion, including the series finale

29:15-45:00: Person of Interest spoiler discussion, including the series finale

45:00-59:41: Game of Thrones spoiler discussion, including the Season 6 finale

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Eric and Matt on which shows survived and which didn't, as the networks made their final decisions for next season, along with our reaction to some of the new shows picked up and Supergirl switching networks. 

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1:45-4:40: It’s Always Sunny renewed for Season 13 and 14


4:40-12:30: Jessica Henwick cast as Colleen Wing in Iron Fist


12:30-16:00: Peter Serafinowicz cast as The Tick


16:00-24:00: CBS Renews 11 series; announces Person of Interest’s end


24:00-25:30: Luther creator adapting Talented Mr. Ripley


25:30-31:00: Reader email on guest star and prestige credits


31:00-36:00: Reader email on Baskets


36:00-44:00 Thought son Black Sails (non-spoilers)


44:00-55:45 Thoughts on Black Sails: Season 3 (with spoilers)


55:45-1:11:05: Thoughts on Daredevil: Season 2 (with spoilers)

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Eric and Matt discuss wrestling, wrestling and more wrestling, on the heels of WrestleMania weekend. 

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0:00-6:00: Your basic opening randomness, including Matt talking about A Knight’s Tale. 

6:00-24:30: Paul Lee leaving ABC; ABC renewing SHIELD, Scandal, Once, Upon a Time, Quantico and more and thoughts on The Muppets’ season. 

24:30-26:30: Superstore and Bones both renewed – the latter for its final season. 

26:30-32:20: Game of Thrones’ Finn Jones cast as Iron Fist. 

32:20-35:00: TV reboot/sequel/remake update, including Katrina Law joining Training Day, a potential Departed TV series, The Mist pilot ordered and Sarah Michelle Gellar returning to Cruel Intentions 

35:00-38:00: Sarah Shahi cast as Nancy Drew, while Person of Interest remains in limbo 

38:00-45:15: Bryan Fuller makes more additions to both American Gods and Star Trek.

46:00-51:00: Fuller House renewed – and a tangent on the current state of late night talk shows. 

51:00-52:00: Vanessa Hudgens, Alan Tudyk, Danni Pudi, Christina Kirk join NBC’s DC Comics comedy, Powerless 

52:00-57:00: More on the use of the F word on basic cable TV, as FX pushes boundaries while Walking Dead may dial back on a comic book character.

57:00- 59:30: A reader email about TV season passes and if it can help a show. 

59:30-1:22:00: A big, spoiler-packed conversation about The 100’s latest episode, “Thirteen.”


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The 100's executive producer and showrunner, Jason Rothenberg, sits down with Eric to discuss the current season. 

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Eric & Matt discuss Hannibal's Bryan Fuller taking on the new Star Trek, Daniel Bryan's retirement, Agent Carter's worrisome future and more. 

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We chat about The Rock's WrestleMania pans, go into spoiler-filled conversations about the just-finished seasons of Fargo and Ash vs Evil Dead and take a detour into movies with a big Force Awakens conversation. 

5:30-8:00: The state of DC Comics on the CW


8:00-14:30: The Rock revealing he’ll be a part of WrestleMania 32


14:30-16:00: Kristen Bell guesting (vocally) on iZombie


16:00-18:30: Lyndsy Fonseca guest starring in Agent Carter: Season 2


18:30-21:30: The Man in the High Castle renewed (and tangents on WGN’s shows and People v. OJ Simpson)


21:30-25:30: The Riddick universe (?!) expanding with Merc City


25:30-32:00: Reader email with a theory about The Leftovers


33:00-49:00: Spoiler chat about Fargo: Season 2


49:00-1:01:45: Spoiler chat about Ash vs Evil Dead: Season 1


1:01:45-1:26:30 Spoiler chat about Star Wars: The Force Awakens


1:26:30-1:36:55: More of our favorite shows of 2015 discussed


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Jessica Jones, Master of None, Man in the High Castle, W/ Bob & David reaction, news on the MST3K revival, Walking Dead casting "Negan" and more. 

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This week, Eric & Matt chat about Ash vs Evil Dead, Supergirl, Gotham casting (and our feelings on Season 2), new shows getting full season orders and more.

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Eric and Matt talk about Marvel and Fox teaming for two X-Men shows, FX adapting Y: The Last Man, ABC adapting Damage Control and even some non-comic book TV shows!

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Our initial thoughts on Heroes Reborn, Blindspot, Scream Queens and more new series. Plus, a TON of TV remakes are on the way, including Taken and In the Line of Fire. 

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In our “lost” episode (no, it's not an episode about the show Lost!), we discuss Preacher being ordered to series, a change to Netflix’s lineup of movies (and how it benefits Hulu), Hannibal’s David Slade directing American Gods, costume reveals for Legends of Tomorrow, Narcos being renewed and more. Plus, reader email on Jessica Jones and Masters of Sex.


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For our 250th episode, we have a ton of technical difficulties! Oh, and we discuss Amazon's Galaxy Quest series, how the WWE could better utilize the NXT divas and go in-depth on the Hannibal finale. 

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Thoughts on ABC's revived Mockingbird spinoff plans, the CW's potential Friday the 13th series, Fear the Walking Dead and more. 

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Eric and Matt on the TCA press your, Sense8's renewal, Prison Break's revival, concern over The X-Files' return, Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp thoughts, Community's future and more. 

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Eric and Matt discuss the Hulk Hogan situation, Key & Peele ending, Arrow's Felicity, the Sleepy Hollow/Bones crossover, recent Hannibal storylines and more. 

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On the drive back to LA from San Diego Comic-Con, Eric and Matt are a bit (a lot) loopy, as they describe five very busy, very exhuasting days. 

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Eric Goldman and Matt Fowler on Hannibal's uncertain future, Mr. Robot and Aquarius' renewals, True Detective: Season 2 thoughts, Daredevil's longterm plans and Sense 8. 

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We discuss the Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow trailers, why we're hopeful for Heroes Reborn, Harry Shearer quitting The Simpsons, David Lynch returning to the Twin Peaks revival and more. 

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Netflix's Fuller House, ABC's big Marvel plans, Twin Peaks in jeopardy, Star Wars Rebels' characters potential movie future and more. 

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Coach is returning to TV (!), more characters have been revealed for the Arrow/Flash spinoff and why we're happy with The Flash, SHIELD and Better Call Saul this week.

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We discuss Leonard Nimoy's legacy, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Gotham's unevenness, why we like iZombie, why Eric loves The 100 and more. 

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We discuss the Power Rangers "dark and gritty" fan film, whether Sony and Marvel could team for a Spider-Man TV series, the Two and a Half Men finale, Last Man on Earth and more. 

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We talk about this year's Super Bowl ads, Supergirl casting, Jessica Jones' villain and more. 

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We look at CW's big early renewals, conflicting messages on Supergirl crossovers with Arrow and The Flash, 24 possibly coming back without Jack Bauer, Hannibal held for summer and more. 

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Our thoughts on Galavant, 12 Monkeys, Empire and more. Plus Luke Cage casting and 24's uncertain future. 

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Ascension reaction, new Fargo casting, Sheen's possible Half-Men return, The Colbert Report ending, Buffy HD controversy and more. 

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Eric & Roth talk to co-producer Ryan Patrick McGuffey and director Des Doyle about their new documentary, Showrunners (beginning at 32:00). Plus, we discuss new details on Supergirl, a re-edit for Arrested Development and Syfy wanting to earn back Sci-Fi fans. 

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Eric & Roth talk to co-producer Ryan Patrick McGuffey and director Des Doyle about their new documentary, Showrunners (beginning at 32:00). Plus, we discuss new details on Supergirl, a re-edit for Arrested Development and Syfy wanting to earn back Sci-Fi fans. 

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Eric & Roth on Twin Peaks returning, Archie getting weird on FOX, HBO and CBS offering stand-alone streaming and more. 

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The Legend of Korra creators Bryan Konietzko and Michael Dante DiMartino stop by to talk Book Four (beginning at 27:13!), wrapping up the series and the franchise's past and future. Before the Korra guys arrive, we discuss Agent Carter casting news, a Big TV show and more. 

Direct download: Channel_Surfing_Episode_233.mp3
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Eric & Roth on Supergirl finding a home at CBS, our thoughts on Star Wars Rebels, new casting for Arrow and Agents Carter and more.

Direct download: Channel_Surfing_Episode_232.mp3
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Eric Goldman and Jim Vejvoda discuss the potential Titans series, Daredevil bringing a darker vibe to the MCU, a possible Married With Children spinoff and more. 

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Eric & Roth discuss the potential Superigrl series, Arrow's Ra's al Ghul addition, The Walking Dead spinoff, recent Netflix announcements and more. 

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Eric & Roth on SHIELD: Season 2 sounding cool, why HBO's Westworld will rock and why we still care about Saved by the Bell after 25 years.

Direct download: Channel_Surfing_Episode_229.mp3
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Eric & Roth catch up on the past month, looking back on TCA and Comic-Con, plus The Big Bang Theory's big raises, True Detective plagiarism charges and more. 

Direct download: Channel_Surfing_Episode_228.mp3
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Eric & Roth on Arrow's surprising new casting, Seinfeld's 25th anniversary, Extant and more. 

Direct download: Channel_Surfing_Episode_227.mp3
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Eric & Roth on SDCC memories, more Daredevil casting, Community being saved by Yahoo, The Strain's freaky billboards and our thoughts on The Leftovers. 

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Better Call Saul's early renewal, Rosario Dawson joins Daredevil, no Hulu deal for Community, plus Louie, Penny Dreadful and more.

Direct download: Channel_Surfing_Episode_225.mp3
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Daredevil casting, the Frozen characters coming to Once Upon a Time, the Game of Thrones finale and more. 

Direct download: ChannelSurfing_Episode_224.mp3
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Eric & Matt discuss the glut of new TV series trailers and scheduling decisions, along with spoiler-packed thoughts on the season finales for The Americans (55:00-1:12:00) and Hannibal (1:12:00-1:31:34). 

Direct download: Channel_Surfing_Episode_223.mp3
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Eric & Matt on Community's cancellation, Hannibal's renewal, Agent Carter joining several new comic book TV shows and much more on the next TV season. 

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Eric & Matt discuss Gotham's first footage, Halo likely going to Showtime, Better Call Saul casting, Louie's return and more. 

Direct download: Channel_Surfing_Episode_221.mp3
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Eric & Matt record an episode from New Orleans to talk WrestleMania, Game of Thrones' return, Letterman's retirement, HIMYM reaction and more. 

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Eric and Matt on Powers becoming a PlayStation TV series, The 100's debut and The Walking Dead's big "The Grove" episode.

Direct download: Channel_Surfing_Episode_219.mp3
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Eric and Roth talk about the Flash and Constantine photo reveals, Gotham finding its Lil' Bruce Wayne and Lil' Selina Kyle, Big Bang's big renewal, Game of Thrones' future and True Detective's possible Season 2 plotline. 

Direct download: ChannelSurfing218.mp3
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Gotham casting, Star Wars Rebels, CM Punk walking out on the WWE, True Detective and more. 

Direct download: ChannelSurfingEpisode217.mp3
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Bruce Wayne's involvement in Gotham, Agent Carter's status and Showtime saying a Dexter spinoff would be about... Dexter.

Direct download: ChannelSurfing216.mp3
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Eric and Roth chat about Frank Darabont's feelings on AMC and The Walking Dead, Guillermo del Toro's The Strain, and the reaction to Agents of SHIELD.

Direct download: ChannelSurfing215.mp3
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Eric and Matt on Marvel's big new Netflix series deal, the latest DC/CW possibilities, Better Call Saul, The Walking Dead and more.

Direct download: ChannelSurfing214_1.mp3
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Eric & Roth discuss the possible How I Met Your Mother spinoff, Beware the Batman's vanishing act, Charmed and Murder, She Wrote reboots and a cable showdown with TV studios involving Netflix. 

Direct download: ChannelSurfing213.mp3
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Goodbye, Beaking Bad! Eric, Roth, Jim and Joey gather to talk Breaking Bad's final episode and the show's legacy. 

Direct download: ChannelSurfing212.mp3
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Eric and guest co-host Matt Fowler on the Commissioner Gordon series, SHIELD's premiere, Dexter's end and more. 

Direct download: ChannelSurfing211.mp3
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Eric and Roth discuss HBO ending True Blood, Game of Thrones' recasting, Arrow's next DC character and Abrams and Nolan's Westworld. 

Direct download: ChannelSurfing210.mp3
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We're back at last and finally talk about The Flash's introduction on Arrow and what that means for DC on TV and film. Plus, Hollywood's remake lust could give us TV versions of The Exorcist, Rosemary's Baby and... A Wizard of Oz medical drama? 

Direct download: ChannelSurfing209.mp3
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Our 2013 San Diego Comic-Con wrap up episode discusses the S.H.I.E.L.D. pilot screening, Korra: Book 2's debut, Walking Dead's new direction, The Simpsons crossing over with Futurama and Family Guy and much more. 

Direct download: ChannelSurfing208.mp3
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Felicia Day guests to discuss The Guild: The Official Companion, her time on Buffy, her recurring role on Supernatural, Geek & Sundry, Comic-Con and more. 

Direct download: ChannelSurfing207.mp3
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Person of Interest creator Jonathan Nolan guests to discuss the show's parallels to current events, Season 3 and his time co-writing the Dark Knight series. Plus, Eric and Jim Vejvoda discuss Mad Men: Season 6, now that it's wrapped up. 

Direct download: ChannelSurfing206.mp3
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ESPN shuts down their 3D channel, Charlie Sheen pulls a Charlie Sheen on Anger Management, Girl Meets World is offiically picked up, Dan Harmon pulls a Dan Harmon and more. 

Direct download: ChannelSurfing205.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 12:12am EST

Matt Smith is leaving Doctor Who, Dan Harmon is returning to Community and Hannibal is renewed! Plus, we talk about the Star Wars Rebels announcement, Arrested Development's new episodes and our thoughts on The Office's end. 

Direct download: ChannelSurfing204.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 8:14pm EST

Eric & Matt discuss the new fall schedule, including NCIS vs. S.H.I.E.L.D., plus Spielberg's Halo series, Zombieland's demise and more.

Direct download: ChannelSurfing203.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 6:37pm EST

A huge week saw Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. ordered, Community and Nikita renewed, Happy Endings cancelled, 24 resurrected and so much more. 

Direct download: ChannelSurfing202.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 10:39pm EST

Recent renewals, including Revolution and Two and a Half Men, the potential for Scream and L.A. Confidential TV shows and more.

Direct download: ChannelSurfing201.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 2:07pm EST

For our 200th episode (Hurrah!), Matt and Travis return, to talk with Eric about Nikita, Game of Thrones, Defiance, The Americans and more. 

Direct download: ChannelSurfing200.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 12:29pm EST

Anna Chlumsky talks about Veep: Season 2, guest starring on Hannibal and My Girl's enduring popularity. Plus, news about S.H.I.E.L.D.'s new title and Breaking Bad'a potential spinoff. 

Direct download: ChannelSurfing199.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 8:14pm EST

Community's Gillian Jacobs guests to talk about Britta, Season 4, and... wrestling! Plus, Eric and Roth talk about Hannibal's premiere and The Walking Dead's Season 3 finale. 

Direct download: ChannelSurfing198.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 3:04pm EST

We discuss the Veronica Mars movie (and Kickstarter in general), Sherlock's future, Once Upon a Time's spinoff and the latest drama for NBC regarding Jay Leno.

Direct download: ChannelSurfing197.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 4:14pm EST

Eric and Roth talk about the end (sort of) of The Clone Wars, recent network cancellations and renewals and our thoughts on The Following. 

Direct download: ChannelSurfing196.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 8:54pm EST

We talk to Spartacus himself, Liam McIntyre, about the final season, War of the Damned, and what to expect as the end approaches.

Direct download: ChannelSurfing195.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 8:51pm EST

The busy Kate Micucci guests to talk about her new animated series, Out There, her new character on The Big Bang Theory and her ongoing recurring role on Raising Hope.

Direct download: ChannelSurfing194.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 9:12pm EST

Eric and Roth discuss more NBC turbulence, including the life and death of Do No Harm, more Up All Night changes and Community returning relatively strong. Plus, Rupert Grint comes to CBS, Zombieland begins casting and reader email topics have us chatting about House of Cards and famous guest stars on low-rated series. 

Direct download: ChannelSurfing193.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 6:39pm EST

Autumn Reeser sits in with Eric and Roth to talk about the end of Last Resort and where Kylie might have gone had the series continued. Plus, we chat about Autumn's time on The O.C. and more. 

Direct download: ChannelSurfing192.mp3
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Hey guys, Eric and Roth here for a special podcast devoted completely to Fringe. Yes, with the sci-fi series airing its last epsiode last week, we discuss the show's finale, Season 5 in general and our thoughts on the series through the years. Suffice to say, spoilers for Fringe (all of it!) follow. 

Direct download: ChannelSurfing191.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 5:58pm EST

Eric, Roth and Matt unite to share TCA stories involving The Rock, The Nerdist, The Following and so much more. Plus, Walking Dead's newest behind-the-scenes turmoil - and tales of New York public access soft porn! 

Direct download: ChannelSurfing190b.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 9:13pm EST

Eric and Roth talk about Psych getting renewed for what may be the final season, Ireland remaking Cheers, S.H.I.E.L.D. completing casting and Bryan Singer looking to bring back The Twilight Zone. Plus, we discuss Dexter (38:45-48:15) and Homeland's (48:15-1:10:15) season finales, Felicity's time travel adventure and more!

Direct download: ChannelSurfing189.mp3
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We discuss the Golden Globe nominations, even more new Arrested Development episodes and our thoughts on Homeland's second season. 

Direct download: ChannelSurfing188.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 7:43pm EST

Angus T. Jones tells people to stop watching Two and a Half Men, Chevy Chase parts way with Community, Girl Meets World is a go and more.

Direct download: ChannelSurfing187.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 5:04pm EST

Our thoughts on Last Resort's cancellation, American Horror Story's renewal, Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome and more. 

Direct download: ChannelSurfing186.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 9:00pm EST

Eric Goldman and Matt Fowler talk about the big Disney/Lucasfilm deal, the Office spinoff getting killed and Community getting a new return date. Plus, our thoughts on the current seasons of American Horror Story and The Walking Dead. 

Direct download: ChannelSurfing185.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 1:22pm EST

We (finally!) discuss Clark Gregg starring in S.H.I.E.L.D. as Agent Coulson, where he'll be joined by Ming-Na Wen. Plus, NBC give Up All Night a bizarre overhaul, Attack of the Show comes to an end and Dan Harmon and Frank Darabont get greenlights on their new series. Plus, we chat about Arrow, Fringe and more. 

Direct download: ChannelSurfing184.mp3
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Recorded back at NYCC, Eric and Jonah Krakow discuss Community's delay, Made in Jersey's cancellation, Ed Brubraker’s two new TV projects and more.

Direct download: ChannelSurfing183.mp3
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