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In the final (!) episode of Channel Surfing, we talk Comic-Con, GLOW, Game of Thrones and why it's the final episode of Channel Surfing. 

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Matt and Eric on The Leftovers' powerful conclusion, plus news and their experiences at this year's ATX TV Festival, which included a Battlestar Galactica reunion panel. 

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We discuss Netflix canceling The Get Down and Sense8 and what it means for the streaming giant, news on Game of Thrones and Tales from the Crypt, and our reaction to the first four episodes of Twin Peaks' revival. 

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We discuss recent cancellations, renewals and one miraculous un-cancellation, plus some of the new series ordered recently, including a Deadpool animated series. 

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We discuss where Iron Fist went wrong, several renewals, SNL's expansion and more. 


4:20-8:00: Saturday Night Live going live across the country and getting a summer spinoff.

-8:00-9:10: Into the Badlands has cool fights!

-9:15-12:20 Crashing, The Good Fight and Legion renewed - and some brief chatter about Legion promos spoiling their villain revealed.

-12:20-16:25: 12 Monkeys and The Expanse renewed and some more talk about Syfy's status

-16:25-18:55: The 100 renewed and a tangent into how long shows should last

-18:55-22:15: More info on FOX's X-Men pilot Gifted (which may not be called Gifted)

-22:15-23:50: CBS's Young Sheldon Big Bang Theory prequel

-23:50-26:05: Game of Thrones' final season confirmed to be six episodes (and pondering when Walking Dead will end)

-26:05-49:00 Iron Fist thoughts (no spoilers)

-49:00-1:13:14Iron Fist thoughts (with spoilers)

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-2:30-8:00: Cloak and Dagger and Runaways casting announced

-8:00-10:15: Black Lightning now a CW pilot

-10:15-20:30: How Gotham is these days (Spoiler warning for Gotham so far this season)

-20:30-25:45: Bryan Singer directing Matt Nix's X-Men TV series

-20:45-27:20: The Good Place renewed for Season 2

-27:20-29:45: Darren Criss to play The Music Meister on The Flash/Supergirl musical crossover

-29:45-31:40: Sharknado 5 announcement and how Syfy has a branding issue

31:40-36:00: Thoughts on Powerless

36:00-41:30: Thoughts on Legion

41:00-46:24: Reader email on shows taking long breaks between seasons

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We look back at our favorite shows of 2016, the ones that ended that we'll miss the most and what we're looking forward to on TV in 2017. 

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